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kitchen remodeling

The idea behind kitchen remodeling is a rather old one. In fact remodeling tries to change mainly the visible parts of the kitchen and give them a new look. Most of the time it is done to save money, sometimes its also a nice way of keep work and disturbance as small as possible. Especially if your existing cabinets are still in good shape kitchen remodeling or refacing can be a perfect alternative.

Before you start thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you should have some general thoughts. If you are not happy with the color or look of your doors and countertop, but the appliances are still in good conditions, than refacing is the right way to think about. In case you do not like the way your kitchen is designed and where drawers and doors are located, you might better look for a entirely new kitchen.

Areas where remodeling can be done

First and most visible part of any kitchen are cabinets with doors and drawers. By exchanging them with new once, the look of any kitchen will change often dramatically. Whilst often the visible outside parts of the cabinets get refinished, the biggest part concerns kitchen doors and drawer fronts. Generally there are two kinds of doors available: framed and panel type doors. Whilst framed doors give a kitchen a more traditional look, panel style doors will make them look more modern. As the drawer fronts are also exchanged, make sure that all drawer guides are checked and exchanged if needed as well.

From a visibility point of view, the second most important part of any kitchen remodeling is the worktop or kitchen top. Here you can choose for a huge variety of materials and colors. The range goes from marble or granite to DuPont® corian and laminate boards. Available in nearly every type of color and pattern, it is the perfect way to change the look of an entire kitchen.

Kitchen sinks and faucets

Together with any kitchen top reworking comes the question of the kitchen sink and faucets. Make sure you do not change the countertop and leave the old kitchen sink in it. Being one of the most frequently used parts of any kitchen, the sink usually carries the biggest burden. Have a close look and better have it changed as well. As far as the faucets are concerned it is really worth to have a look on how modern kitchen faucets can make work easier. Ask your remodeling company for any suggestions they have, it could be worth rethinking.

The next area where changes might be needed are the kitchen appliances. Make sure everything from fridge to oven still works well. Even if they work you might want to change them in order to save on energy. A good example are today's refrigerators which consume a lot less energy than 10 or 20 years ago. Do not just look if your appliances still work, but also how much energy the need. This way you might save extra money in the future.

Lighting, floors and curtains

In every remodeling process, lighting should be a topic. With simple spots or fluorescent lights it can look so much nicer. Spending little money in some indirect lighting and even small kitchen will look larger.

Finally and often overseen in any redecoration is floor and curtains. Before thinking about changing kitchen fronts, you might consider changing the kitchen floor. Have a look if your existing floor will go well with the newly selected kitchen colors. Even further if your room has one or more windows make sure you do not forget to change and refresh your curtains. Just imagine what it will look like, having old curtains around a fresh and new looking kitchen.

To sum it up, every remodeling needs good planning beforehand. Make sure you have a close look at your old kitchen before you decide going to reface. Find a good refacing company around your area and ask them for a detailed quote. Compare it with the price of a new kitchen. Depending on all the changes needed, kitchen remodeling can be a very cheap way of getting a totally new look.


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