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The main idea behind kitchen cabinet refacing starts when you start getting little bit tired about the look of your formerly so modern looking kitchen. From changing the entire kitchen to only refacing

many different options are available. This article would like to give you some clues on how to get the remodeling process sorted out beforehand and get a better feel of what you can expect after its done.

Without any doubt, cabinet refacing is a very simple and fast approach of getting a new fresh look into one of the most used parts of your home.

Before you get into kitchen remodeling or refacing make sure you see the pros and cons of this approach, compared to changing the entire kitchen.

Advantages of refacing

  • Refacing and exchange work on your kitchen cabinet will be done within a very short time. The actual process of changing the fronts of your drawers and doors, together with applying the new surface to the outside of the cabinets is usually done within a day or two. Without lots of dusty work, as little to no adaptation is necessary.
  • It is a rather cheap way of getting a totally fresh look into your kitchen, compared to the investment in a new kitchen.

The backside

  • Only the look changes. As simple as this, with changing of the fronts of the kitchen, the cabinets and all kitchen appliances still stay the same. So think about that old oven which is now over 20 years old and ask yourself if you still want to use it, even after you changed the kitchen design completely.

If you think about cabinet remodeling, make sure you understand that the result will be a fresh new looking kitchen, with the same cabinets distribution and appliances. “So you might as well think about changing that old kitchen exhaust hood as well at the same time”.

Steps to get your kitchen refaced

  1. Find different cabinet makers or kitchen cabinet refacing companies around your area and invite them at your house. Most of the companies have franchisers all over the country, so have a look on the web and at your local yellow pages. Make sure you get at least three different once giving you a quote.
  2. Work together with them, get some ideas and have them set up a kitchen design plan or if possible get some kind of 3D picture of what your kitchen would look like after the refacing. Today many refacing companies offer this kind of computer generated kitchen plan.
    Make sure you are not just thinking about the optical changes like drawer fronts and doors or islands, but also if there is any need to change further hardware. Like drawer guides, hinges and cabinet shelf boards.
  3. Compare the different cost estimates, have a look on the quality of material they are offering and the timeframe they are planning the work will need. Than choose the one out of the refacing companies which you like most and go for it.
  4. Usually the work will be done in one or two days, depending on the size of the kitchen. It consists of changing drawer and door fronts, changing the kitchen top (if needed) and reworking the outsides of the cabinets.

So after the entire process, with changing drawer fronts, doors and putting a new kitchen top in, you will have this feeling of beautiful new kitchen. Make sure you spend some extra money and effort in upgrading drawer slides as well. In case you need to upgrade some of your kitchen appliances, you may also want to do it right at the same time as your kitchen cabinet refacing process.


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